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38 Mercy Centre Bangkok, Thailand

My task is a minute taker, so I will have a separate document that records all the content and information I need:Minutes taker document. My task is basically to “add details of your meetings (Minutes taker). This needs to be linked to your Planning document.”

The following are a few small projects that can be used as activities after our discussions. Different people will be the project team leaders. The activities I lead basically include the following:

Chinese Activities

  • Teach them simple questions and answers and greetings, such as “good morning” and “hello”
  • On the basis of skillful use of greeting, teach them to simply write some Chinese characters
  • Rob stool–Active classroom atmosphere, refreshing

Prepare the chairs with 1 less students than the actual number of students and place them in a circle. When the music started, all the members began to dance impromptu in a circle, rotating their chairs as they danced to the music. When we stop the music and say “stop”, all members must find a chair as soon as possible and sit down. Then another chair was removed and the music continued… And so on, to see who makes it to the end.

Singing and dancing activities

  • Children can be in a circle and try to copy one of us in the circle
  • Freeze dance – children have to freeze when the music stops
  • Teach them simple English songs and warm-up games like “head, shoulders, knees and toes”, which include dance moves and songs

Team Building Activities

  • Cup stacking activities
    • Group competitions – which team can build the tallest pyramid in 2 minutes
    • Relay Speed Stacking – stack three 3 stacks then downstack them 
    • Building one big tower with everyone
  • The human knot
  • Puzzle – Cut a picture you have selected into six or eight equal squares. Cut the image in such a way that when you join the pieces, the entire picture is in place. 

Art Activities

  • Drawing what they want to become in the future
  • Trace their hands on a paper and decorate it

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