artclub reflection LO4

Learning art can exercise perception and learning art, and learn new content every day under the guidance of the teacher. Art is the most direct activity for us to observe the world up close. We study different methods of observation every day, and observe and depict different things purposefully. After a long period of exercise, it will improve our observation and insight of the things around us, which also proves that our perception is getting stronger and stronger, and we will become more and more intelligent.

Learning fine art can increase knowledge in all aspects. Every drawing a picture involves a new painting content, because we need to accurately observe the shape, color, structure and characteristics of objects. The wide range of art class lectures will involve knowledge and common sense in many fields. Therefore, learning art is equivalent to getting in touch with all aspects of knowledge. Learning art can exercise hand-brain coordination. Experiments have proved that drawing can exercise our hand-brain coordination. In the process of learning art, we use our hands to touch various tools such as different pens, colors, paper, etc. And materials, and will be proficient in applying these things in the learning process (especially as a sketch training).

Therefore, only when we enter the atmosphere of art learning, we can truly create works of our own with our hands. Learning art can cultivate imagination and creativity. Art is an art that always has new topics, new content, and new methods, and needs to constantly try, feel, and pursue one’s own concepts and different expressions. If a child learns art from an early age, he can develop a creative thinking habit in the learning process. An excellent thinking will unknowingly become self-aware, which will benefit us a lot in our lifetime. In the learning process, you have trained a good learning attitude, learning method, learning motivation, innovative thinking and creativity (creativity is the highest state of learning ability), you will have excellent learning ability, and future learning will be easier and more efficient .

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