Circus reflection LO2


To train a new movement, from the initial exploration of the movement to the complete mastery, the process experience will generally be like this: the first contact with new skills, the excitement of being able to learn new things, full of freshness, after a period of training , This kind of freshness gradually weakens, the action is repeated between whether or not it will be, and it is necessary to adjust the movement all the time (if it is a control technique, you need to adjust the strength of the control technique, maintain balance, etc…, if it is a tossing type Skills, you need to adjust the angle, intensity, speed, etc. of the churn… The above expressions are only based on single-player skills. For multi-player skills, it also depends on the cooperation between actors and actors. There are more involved, so I won’t repeat them. ), because training the same movement over and over again will make people feel languid. If you work hard through this stage, you can basically master this new movement. But even if you learn it, you have to train every day to keep your skills stable. In fact, this process cannot be said to be enjoyment, it should be to slowly comprehend the essentials of movement, slowly overcome difficulties, and gain bit by bit.

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