Running hour reflection LO7

Many people feel that it is cruel for people with disabilities to participate in sports games. The public knows very little about the disabled, so that they equate injuries with disability, misunderstand disabled sports as painful sports, and link disabled sports with cruelty. Different from injury and forced competition, more often, disabled sports is more like a kind of fitness. People with disabilities use functional areas other than the disabled part to maximize their functions, so that they can be fully practiced and will not degenerate.
Sports are not just the rights of healthy people. Many people mistakenly believe that it is unreasonable for people with disabilities to participate in sports, and cut off the path of sports for the majority of people with disabilities. The functions of general sports include entertainment, physical fitness, competition, social interaction, cultivating team spirit, strengthening physical cognition, and exploring physical limits, etc., which are relatively scarce for the disabled. The indifference to social and outdoor activities has also caused the disabled to stay behind closed doors and lose access to sports, forming a vicious circle.
In the eyes of many people, sports is a kind of entertainment, and disabled sports is a kind of “yellow inspiration.” Some people think that the important meaning of sports is to give people a sense of spiritual and neurological release, happiness, accomplishment and mood comfort. Disabled sports also have the same effect. Only by recognizing the many benefits of sports for the disabled can the disabled have the idea to participate in sports and participate in sports activities. Affected by the low popularity of sports among the disabled, assuming that sports have so much meaning and help to a so-called ordinary person, the significance to the disabled may be relatively greater.

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