About me

Which Activities and Services have you been a part of and which of these skills have you developed in your time with them?

Activities-HS Art Studio, Pottery (Mon), HS Marimba Pamberi (Tue), HS Circus Club (Fri), Karate (All belts) (Mon Thu)

Services-Running hour.

I developed in my time with Critical thinking, Creativity, Cognitive flexibility and Judgement and decision making.

Which Harry Potter House do you belong to?

I am in Gryffindor

My personality shows a high degree of friendliness and work ethic, which are valued among members of Gryffindor House.

What is your temperament?

I am an Empath

I am an Empath, a compassionate idealist who is concerned with meaning, authenticity, and understanding the human experience. As an Empath, your primary focus is people: their needs, ideas, and potential.

As an Empath, your relationships are paramount. You are sensitive and caring with the people who surround you, and you are always ready with a sympathetic ear. Conflict is upsetting to you, but you gain a deep sense of satisfaction from cooperating and connecting with others.

List 2-3 people who you consider to be ‘heroes’ and explain how they have inspired you (link to any relevant information about them)

One of the teachers in my Middle school, he taught me how to solve questions in a different way, although at that time I am not really interested in it but after I actually met the questions I found the methods helps me a lot.The teacher was very nice to the students, he would help students with their life problem but not only the school questions from a test book.

Iron man, in Avengers, he gave up his happiness and life for the survival of all mankind. He is not selfish at all.

What is your ‘creative type’?

I am a dreamer, you see symbols, metaphors, and hidden meanings.

You’re deeply emotional and intuitive, with a vivid imagination—the quintessential idealist and romantic. The inner world is always where you’ve felt most at home. You’re happy to roam your mental landscape of thoughts, emotions, and fantasies for hours on end.

You’re naturally drawn to express your inner world through literary pursuits, music, and the visual arts. Think of yourself as the “magical realist” of the creative types: like the literary masters of that genre, you naturally infuse your everyday life with the beauty and wonder of the imagination.

Your greatest gift is your depth of sensitivity and empathy, which allows you to give voice to universal human emotions in a way that touches people on a profound level. Your greatest challenge is learning to balance dreaming with disciplined action—which starts with coming back to the present moment. Let your mind roam free, DREAMER, but don’t forget to return to the here and now. Practicing mindfulness will go a long way in helping you turn your dreams into reality.