Reflection of optimistic

The result of the optimistic survey is:

From the article, I learned that the benefit of being optimistic:

  • Health
  • Greater achievement
  • Persistence
  • Emotional Health
  • Increased longevity
  • Less stress

There are a lot of benefits to be optimistic and have positive thoughts about life,  and it’s the thing that I need to work on. For releasing pressure, I think I can do more interesting things and not think too much. Be more confident about things and make more friends.

PSE-Emotional Intelligence – my musings around goal setting

Doc of questions and answers

This year, I would like to develop the skill/quality of being will use a very clever way to answer or evade other people’s harsh questions. I know that people like to ask harsh questions cause the answers that they expect can be very fun, and sometimes I like to ask that kind of questions as well, it’s a problem and a place that I can improve EQ in a specific way. This is important to me cause answering questions need to be in a short time and have a perfect answer with holistic details, I can’t hurt the feelings of others while answering questions. It’s quite hard so I want to develop that. This will help me answer the questions that are super awkward in a perfect way, build more well relationships with others and probably make more friends. This will help others to have a nice answer and a nice mood.

I dislike complaining about the disappointment in life before people even they are my friends, I see this in myself because sometimes I just feel pressure from dealing with people that I don’t like, so after I meet my friends(maybe I believe them too much)so I might just tell them how I feel when I meet the person who I dislike. It might let them feel that I am a person with a bad temper and a low EQ. Maybe I will restrain myself more in the future, not too much or too straightforward to say my inner thoughts.