100 days in 100 words—What’s your win?

Because of the course selection, I have learned a lot of new knowledge, such as psychology and design technology which are all very interesting and very helpful for the future. Probably I would like to say I improve language skills a bit more, like the term of using appropriate grammar, use of professional terms, etc.


Dance showcase 2020 reflection (LO1)

This year I joined the dance showcase again with 4 different dances-

  • Grease
  • Saturday night fever
  • Aladdin
  • Footloose

This year’s theme is movie, the background music and themes for all the dances are from classic movies of different eras, such as Aladdin and singing in the rain.

In the picture on the left, it is a dance movement in Grease shot by the photographer, and it is also a picture of me showing my full face in the dance showcase.


What previous experience have I had with an activity like this?

  • I joined dance showcase and culturama before, Culturama allows each person to choose only one dance. Danceshowcase allows each person to do as many dances as they are interested in, showing off their charm.

What would I like to improve?

  • Because I chose more than 1 dance, sometimes the practise time would come at the same time which means I have to make a choice between whether go to the first dance or attend the second one, I would be absent from some dances, so I would miss the parts and the position that I was supposed to do. Maybe next time I will try to arrange my time so that I won’t miss so many practise time.

Danceshowcase/culturama LO1

Post a pic that best describes how your skills are developing

Image result for pop dancing
-for example, dancing practice.

How do you feel about this?

-Any skill needs to be trained. As far as dance is concerned, I will actively participate in every dance activity. This time I participated in the Italian dance in culturama. Although I didn’t get photos, I still participate in rehearsals every time. Give the audience a good side, but also let me exercise the stage experience.

In other respects, like dance, I will actively participate and strive to do my duty and responsibility. As I said before, every skill needs to be exercised. No one is perfect in life.