Circus reflection (LO2)

The circus was an activity I had never practiced or learned about before, or even heard of, to improve my skills. Circus community is a very united community, because this kind of performance community needs to have certain team cooperation, we will begin with a training together, everyone is good at training, such as biking, walking on stilts, we will give a performance to some occasions, such as elderly community, or care for children, acrobatics, most of the time we will participate in school activities, such as UWC day. In this activity I learned a lot of strange skills, such as riding a unicycle which is very interesting

What actions did I take to overcome these challenges?

  • When I met difficulties, such as walking on stilts, I would keep practicing it, I would try the challenge together with my friends instead of giving up. It was a great pleasure to have friends involved in this kind of new activity, and I enjoyed the process of developing new skills together.

What was it about this activity that I found challenging/difficult?

  • Because this activity was new to me, I’ve never tried to participate in such activities, even just try was a big challenge for me, I had a lot of unknow things, like Juggling, it took me nearly three weeks to practice, finally I learned how to play this at the end of the time, although only catches the ball a few times, but I overcame the big challenge.


Were there challenges that I could not overcome? Why/why not?

  • Riding a unicycle was a challenge for me that I could not overcome, every time I ride a unicycle, I had a feeling that would fall off, the usual type of cycle was just common bicycle, I had never tried unicycle, therefore on the basis of my own psychological, I was afraid, I tried several times, but failed, at the end of the activity I still didn’t succeed.

Service-Music with SGM children LO2

What has been the biggest challenge within CAS so far? What might you do to improve this?

-So far, the biggest challenge about the CAS is a service, the service I chose mainly is about playing with children play, I went to the place on Monday, but I find that I couldn’t quickly establish friendly relations with children, and couldn’t have a long conversation with them. So after Monday, I did not know many children. I think I should find some games or topics that children will likely to do or talk about. Hope it can help me set up the relationship between kids and me.