Running hour service(LO6)

“RUNNINGHOUR is an inclusive running club, promoting integration of people with special needs through running.
We have friends who are mildly intellectually challenged, physically challenged, hearing challanged, and visually challenged joining us to keep fit.
We welcome anyone passionate about running to join us as running guides.”

What did I learn about this issue?/Why is this a significant issue?

  • Caring for the disabled is a very important issue, although many people say they will care about the disabled, but how many people actually do it? Running Hour truly cares for the disabled and encourages them to live and exercise like others. Many volunteers (such as me) participate in this service and try their best to help them and improve themselves.


  • With the increase of policy attention and social concern, it has become an irresistible trend for the disabled to go out of their homes and integrate into the society. For example: disabled people go to school, disabled people get jobs, are hot topics at present, I believe in the future there will be more disabled friends, more disabled friends will be integrated into the society. But how to actually see them and be with them normally? The word “compassion” is inherently unequal, and people with disabilities are human beings, like all people in the world, equal. And I believe no one likes to be pitied by others.
    We do not have to treat the disabled to deliberately sympathy or help, that will only hurt their self-esteem. Don’t worry about being insensitive, as most disabled people will appreciate your indifference. We appreciate that other people don’t push us around, don’t put on colored glasses, don’t go messing around, understand how difficult it is, don’t stare at them unpolitely, don’t point and whisper, and lend a helping hand if they ask for


  • Disabled people are equal members of the big family of society and an important force in the development of human civilization. Caring for disabled people is an important symbol of social progress


Service reflection(LO3)

What activities did I plan?

  • We didn’t go to the children’s base after the Spring Festival holiday. Since it was a new season, some of the 10th-grade participants have changed, so we needed to tell them how to play with the children, plan the activity content, make the activity form, volunteer time and take charge of the leader based on our experience. However, due to the virus situation, our action was only planned to the point of preparing for implementation but not actually implementing, so we could only stop our service.

How did my plans change as the activity progressed? Why?

  • If we plan the same activities every time, the children will get bored. We did our “Head, Shoulder and toe” run for three weeks, and the kids all said they wanted to play new games instead of this. Therefore, later in the process of planning activities, we would develop imagination or Google search for games that could be played with children, in order to make the service process more interesting.

SGM music with children LO6

What impact have my actions had on this global issue?

I joined one service called “music with SGM children”, our mission is to play the music with children there, the main purpose of our service is to play with children, and the theme of playing is around music, so we usually play music for children to dance, or play small games like musical chairs, and we finish the service on one day by reading a storybook for them.

On the SGM Murni website, the childcare centre’s objectives focus on:

  • Offering a holistic approach encompassing cognitive, aesthetic and moral development.
  • Developing each children capability as a unique individual who learns and develops on his/ her own rate.
  • Providing creative learning experiences for young children.
  • Enhancing the curriculum that provides interesting and varied activities based, within thematic modules.

We went there as student volunteers, we focus on the global issue about children’s good health and well-being, we help them build confidence, show them the importance of collaboration and team-work, they are happy to learn all the talents during music games time.

Service-Music with SGM children-reflection(LO7)

Music for All with SGM Murni is a service that connects the child and us together, we go there as kids’ friends and teacher to play with them with music. The children there are very cute, this service has been going on for quite a long time, the bond between us and the children is getting deeper, and they are looking forward to our arrival every Monday. Usually, we use a computer or mobile phone to connect to a Bluetooth speaker to play music for them, and sing and dance or play games with them while playing music.

The first few times we went there, the first thing that we did was an active atmosphere, such as “head, shoulder, knees and toes” to attract children’s attention, and then sing and dance with them.  Last time we played “grab a chair”, there was music while the play and kids were standing between several chairs. When the music stopped, they should go to a stool, otherwise, they would lose the game. Children have a strong desire to win or lose, but some children are unhappy because they lose the game.