I have been involved with MUN over the past 5 years yet each year I have new experiences. Last year was the first year I joined this school and the MUN club was one of the few activities I rejoined.

MUN this season has been a truly engaging experience. Over the course of this season, I developed new debating skills as a result of the training sessions. During this season, I participated in the UWCMUN in the IMF council. This was a new experience altogether for me as prior to this I had never been a part of an Economic council. Having never taken an economics-related subject, I was truly lost as to how I would research the topics at hand. It seemed that all the other delegated had some prior exposure to economic and understood most of the terms. However, though hardworking and the help of my MUN mentors, I was able to overcome the hurdles placed before me(LO5). However, during the debate, I once again felt like the debated and arguments were alien to me. Many of the terms that the delegates used were unfamiliar to me. So, the POIs (questions asked to the speaker in MUN) that I asked were based on fundamental and key affirmations. The night following each of the debated worked on my speeches and made quite a few the next day. But, since we tackled a new topic each day I had to be on my toes with doing work the night before. (LO2, LO4)

The topics to be debated were very thought-provoking and opened up a new avenue of thoughts for me. It made me reflect on world issues in a different manner as now I also started taking into consideration the economic implications of actions and their consequences(LO6). Over the course of the MUN I was able to actively contribute to the debate, I was also one of the two honorable mentions from our committee! It had been a long time since I participated in MUN as a delegate and it was truly liberating to be speaking and debating once again and coming up with resolutions with my fellow peers! My next agenda with regards to MUN would be to hopefully get the opportunity to chair more MUNs and work on my research for THIMUN which I will be attending in January.