The humanities magazine has been an interesting experience. Going into the activity I was not sure what my expectations were as I hadn’t been in a creative writing based activity prior to this. I had initially taken on this activity to complement my learning in Global Politics, the Humanities subject I have taken as a part of my IB (LO2). The commitment required by the club was to complete an article for the Humanities magazine on a topic surrounding one of the main elements (global politics, economics, business, and history). In addition to this, we were also a part of one o the core groups that put together the magazine such as design, editing or resources. I signed up to be an edition as I felt it had best suited my experience. The role of an editor entails going over articles and making sure they are ready to go into the magazine. Being a part of a magazine publishing team was very exciting! The o only previous experience I had similar to this in the past was during my World of Learning Week in FIB Last year. During this internship, I did an internship at Expat Living- a popular expat lifestyle magazine in Asia. This required me to go over several articles, update information and write a few articles! The article I wrote for the Humanities magazine was about the westernised portrayal Winston Churchill by the media that neglects the damage he has done in the East. This activity’s not only developed by collaborative skills but has also provoked many interesting conversation and thoughts during the process of editing as well as writing.