Soccer has always been a sport that I was in constant touch with. Upon joining this school, I wished to try out for the soccer team. Last year my attempts were unsuccessful, but I still took part in pre-season training for the sport. This year my attempts in making the team were unsuccessful one again. This probed me to understand the shortcomings of my performance- leading to a meeting set with the coach. He explained to me the skills I lacked and offered that I train as a substitute player for the team. I accepted this offer as I truly wanted to upscale my soccer skills as I did not want to let go of this sort that easily. Though it was disappointing for me to not be part of the team again, I took it as an opportunity to rectify my mistakes (LO4). Over the course of the training, I started to understand the skills that I lacked and took it upon myself to make them better (LO1). I was also able to take part in 1 match last season which helped me stay interested in the sport and remind myself of what my goals were. The other team members were indifferent to my presence (in a positive manner) and treated me as one of the team. This was very welcoming and allowed me to focus on what was more important. I hope to maintain dedication to this effort in the seasons that follow and become a better player.