Sonos is a choir group that meets every Tuesday after school that works on musical pieces to perform. I had joined this activity upon recommendation of my mentor who is also a music instructor to be involved with this activity as I had failed to get into another singing group. Though I have been engaged in music activities in my past, this was the first time that I was part of a choir. The first few session were comprised of voice warm-ups; these were new and interesting to me and helped me gain interest in this activity. During the sessions that followed, we practiced 2 new musical pieces. Unfortunately, I had fallen ill since and missed a few sessions. This caused me to put in extra work towards catching-up; but I did not find this as a burden- it was in-fact engaging to revisit the pieces we did as a group on my own(LO4). An area of improvement that I have noticed is note reading; though I learn the piano, I am still new to the instrument and the music notes are in a different format. Hopefully, I can use the knowledge in both fields to my benefit (LO1).

The Sonos activity has allowed me to meet new people who helped me along the way in times of need. It has also helped me regain some of the skills I lost along the way due to my discontinued practice of western music. This was a relatively new experience for me as and I found the dynamic of how a choir worked very interesting. I hope to contribute towards more fruitful practice sessions and hopefully be recognized to take part in other musical performances in school as well.