Last year I had signed up for the STEM club activity as In was passionate about science and innovation. Each Thursday the activity would meet more lunch and have thought-provoking and engaging conversations about STEM topics and often activities that instilled creative thinking not limited to the fields of STEM (LO1). For instance, many of the topics we dealt with involved ethical and moral considerations which sparked valuable conversations (LO7). With the intention to share the great experience that I had with the activity with the rest of my peers, I signed up to be a leader last year; and through the discretion of the past leaders-  I was selected. This season, STEM has been a whirlwind of experiences, it was a new form of commitment that entailed more new responsibilities. However, some of the outcomes I took from this activity were: ameliorated public speaking skills, broadened knowledge about certain topics and the ability to convey complex concepts in a simple manner. Working with my other two team leaders allowed me to enhance my collaboration skills as we planned out the sessions for the weeks that followed. (LO5) In the next sessions, I hope to work on new session plans with my peers and conducting informative and engaging sessions.