7th November 2019 – After weeks of sorting out resources and deliberating on the activities to be carried out, this was our first week of executing our engagement plan at the DSA (LO3). This was also the first time we met our service partners and the people who are a part of this service. The experience was truly eye-opening and impacted us all in many ways. Reflecting on our first session, I learned that people are affected by down syndrome at different levels. It was also interesting to see how different people engaged in different activities such as dance, music, and speech to different extents. The first service session has made me realize my purpose in this activity, which is to connect, understand and help them thrive through music (LO1). The first session was a good avenue for us to see where we stood in terms of connecting with our stakeholders. We learnt that we made an impact in the service through engagement-the aspect we need to work on more as it is crucial to an effective service.