Following a season of planning, season 2 was primarily execution – apart form a few hindrances along the way. Our service sessions were planned and having visited the area a few times in the previous season, we were now familiar with the area and the people.

Though we had our sessions planned out, the important part was building a connection with the stakeholders. This was a difficult barrier to overcome for all of my peers. The primary cause was our inability to communicate with the participants of our sessions due to the linguistic barriers. However, upon approaching this issue as a team we were able to refine our solution to the issue. We resolved that since we were unable to communicate effectively on a personal level it would be more efficient to communicate as a team with the participants. This led us to co-ordinate more and form an unsaid protocol while conducting the activities.

In conclusion, some issues require broader solutions that cannot be carried out on a personal level. In situations such as this, we must revert back to our core team as collaboration can break through the barriers of a complex issue,