During season 2 of HS STEM, my peers and I in the leadership team decided to commence the organization of a project session. This would entail the members of the STEM club to prepare and present STEM topics of their interest on their assigned dates. In order to gauge the interest areas and types of presentations that the club was looking at, we sent out a from. Following this, we made a spreadsheet on the dates allocated for the presentations. We gave adequate time for presentation planning during the STEM sessions leading up to the presentations.

However, we often faced issues with regard to absences and incompliance to the given dates despite preparing the schedule in front of the team. This was a huge obstacle in the process as it resulted in the constant rendering of the presentation schedule. However, despite this, we were able to make a final clarification with the members following several email communications. This gave me experience in planning and allowed me to reflect on the action to be taken during an imperfect situation. To conclude, this activity allowed me to think beyond ideal situations, plan for unforeseen events and communicate adequately when planning events.