Season 2 in the MUN club primarily surrounded preparation for upcoming conferences. Owing to my participation in the THIMUN conference, season 2 of MUN chiefly consisted of research for the same. This year our school represented the delegation of New Zealand which I represented in GA-3 (SOCHUM).

I was familiar with the proceedings having previously attended a THIMUN style conference and did not find myself at discomfort with the committee and topics. However, over the course of the conference, I met several delegated of different nationalities and learned a lot during these interactions. The conference allowed me to step out of my comfort zone as I was required to speak in front of a 150-person audience.











I believe that this conference was an area for me to improve on my existing MUN skill as it was a new experience for me to halve presented my delegation in a committee of such a size. I also believe that the unfamiliar setting allowed me to take charge of the block I was in during resolution-making as I found it easier to guide people I didn’t know very well. It also encouraged me to work on constructive debate techniques as the nature of the conference allowed me to do so. The THIMUN conference was an unforgettable experience that I have learned a lot from.