Though the lockdown on schools was not imposed until later, the cancellation on service and activity trips following increasing cases was made little before the start of term 3. This meant that a large amount of our work in service during this season was finding ways to engage with our service remotely and still have an impact. My service (DSA), was one of the few services that were effective in finding ways to connect with our partners remotely, we did this by planning a “Down syndrome Day” at our school in an attempt to raise awareness for the cause. This included the planning of activities across all grades and also mentor time information sessions that were tailored to be appropriate Eto each level. The primary reason we planned this activity was to counter the cancellation of the national Down syndrome day celebrations that we would have otherwise taken part in. The learning objective I find fits my service experience the best during this season would be LO3, planning, and imitating activities. Though we had planned a large number of our activities effectively and had communicated to all the relevant heads of grades, Down syndrome day was ultimately postponed due to the lockdown. But our work for the cause still goes on remotely as we are currently communicating and soon we will be able to get back to doing more impactful work.