Ears of East is a student-run podcast that talks about issues ranging from a community to a global scale. I joined my season because of my belief that conversation is the best way to make a difference, so far I have been involved in 3 episodes and have even headed one of these such episodes. Though I have had exposure to podcast-related activities in the past I still find that this activity has helped me develop new skills and has helped me to brush up on my old skills as well. For instance, this activity helped me revisit my Garageband editing skills and has also helped me learn things such as structuring a podcast and what sort of research needs to go into it. The first podcast I took part in was the hard-hitting issue of Menstrual Shaming that is unfortunately still prevalent in many developed and underdeveloped nations. In these ways, I feel that my experience in this season of this activity can be best described by LO2 (Challenge) and LO6 (Global Value) as learning objectives.