Season 3 in MUN exec held quite a different dynamic from the rest of the others. During this season we largely focused on the upcoming MUN moving away from ideas and possibilities and delving into logistical planning and other organizational aspects to the conference. Though the start of the season was relatively regular with meetings regarding current logistical capabilities, and time and date of the conference, throughout the season we ran into several issues regarding timing clashes with other school event and the burning question of whether the conference would be able to run at all with the current COVID-19 pandemic that has caused all schools to shut down. The learning objective that fits my MUN Exec experience in this season most accurately is LO3 – Planning and initiating actions. This season we made it through all the obstacles in front of us to carry on with planning despite there being an overarching uncertainty on whether the conference would be running or not. Towards the end of this season, we even had online MUN Meet sessions which we used effectively to keep track of the MUN work required. Despite the lockdown imposed, we were able to facilitate communications effectively and complete most of our work on schedule and this is a huge accomplishment given the current circumstances. This season has been very productive and reflects the effort put in by the student body running the MUN exec team.