STEM sessions in season 3 primarily consisted of debate since the number of members showing was not consistent due to school events such as final examinations etc. However this doesn’t go to say that the sessions were disorganized, rather they were just more flexible. This season in STEM we adopted the initial flow of the session we started with – discussions. These discussions are very valuable and, though at the time were unaware of the lockdown that was going to be imposed, as a leader, I am happy that we finished with those discussions. The moral and scientific points of discussion brought out by the members of our club are not only insightful but also invaluable. Due to the flexible nature of this season I would characterize Season 3 of STEM and unfortunately the last season of STEM I will have participated in as LO3 Planning and Initiative. It is also unfortunate that at the last session I planned a STEM-based activity for the team but we were unable to carry out due to the numbers. Here is a link to it anyways!

My pursuits in STEM will not stop at this activity, this year in STEM club has taught me all about leadership and has also helped me learn a lot about other STEM topics.