Trip: Grade 10 FIB Tioman Expedition

During the expedition, we learned about the island’s fascinating history, geology, flora, and fauna while exploring habitats on foot and by sea kayak with an emphasis on teamwork, leadership, resilience, sustainability, and fun. Our accommodation also included jungle camping apart from beach cabins. Towards our goal, we underwent kayaking and fitness training during our usual Physical education class. Though the trainings were simulations in pools and on treadmills, the amount of training that went into it proved useful at the end.

Date of trip: 17th – 22nd September 2018 (Last academic year). 

17th September:

We left Singapore and took a ferry to Bintan. After arriving and settling into our accommodation (Riverview) we underwent Swim Tests to gauge our confidence in water. Today was mainly comprised of navigating through our residence, getting to know the people around us, and adapting ourselves to our new surroundings and lifestyle for the forthcoming week. Before we ended the day we went through an expectation session and a review of the itinerary with the team to familiarize ourselves with the activities of the next day: Kayaking, Jetty Jumping, and Snorkelling.

18th September:

We started off the day with stretches at the beach and a group meet, followed by a cabin clean up and breakfast. The first activity we engaged in today was a kayaking skill test carries out using group activities. Following this, we participated in a jetty jump which was very fun. Our final activity for the day was an introduction to snorkeling which involved familiarising ourselves with the equipment we were to use and other breathing techniques. Tasks surrounding the end of today emphasized on our preparation for the 9-hour trek we were to partake on tomorrow. This involved packing our bags and sleeping early.

19th September:

Today we woke up early as we were to partake in a day-long trek from Juara to Penut. The trek was long and fatiguing, we were exposed to many life skills such as learning how to walk on uneven terrain, how to handle encounters with wild animals (in this case a snake), setting up camps, and sleeping in “the wilderness”. Our campfire dinner was cooked by the help of my peers, some of us were on tent duty which entailed setting up the tents, and the rest of us helped out in cooking. After a long day, we had a reflection session by the campfire, where we talked about our takeaways from the day and the experiences we gained. Finally, we went to our tents to retire for the day and get some sleep for our kayak back to Juara tomorrow.

20th September:

This morning we prepared and set off on a kayaking journey back to Juara. The kayak back was scenic but once again long-winded. Following our kayak back, we made our visit to “Juara Turtle Palace”, where we learned about the imminent dangers threatening marine life, the life cycle of a turtle, and how turtles are conserved (being nearly endangered species). Finally, we returned to our accommodation (Riverview) and had a reflective debrief. Following a tiring day, we gad a fun activity called “Town Council” wherein we were made to debate issues faced by the local community constructively and come to a collective decision on the changes to be implemented.

21st September:

This morning we visited a local agriculture project where we learned about waste management and sustainable efforts guiding the same. Following our lunch, we took part in a raft-building activity where we were to build rafts using tubes and ropes in groups. this proves to be a very difficult task and only a few were able to succeed. After some fun beach games, we had dinner at our accommodation and packed for our journey back to Singapore tomorrow,

22nd September:

We woke up early and traveled back to Singapore by Bus and Ferry.