The ears of East podcast is a student podcast that discusses socio-political issues that range from the community to the international level. Since this activity required many students conversing with one another in a. Close space was affected by the COVID-19 restrictions. However, we were able to navigate around it by working in smaller groups and socially distancing ourselves whilst recording the podcast –  an aspect that makes editing the podcast more difficult due to the varying levels of sound and clarity from each person. I think this activity provided a hint of normalcy into the post-COVID world by reflecting the power of conversation. Often a times, there is not much we can do about issues that affect us but are out of hand.  When I talk to my peers on such issues it comforts me to know that there were like-minded individuals that were passionate enough to engage in meaningful conversations about these issues – especially in such testing times. This year, I have participated in the Ecofacism podcast – a topic that I was completely alien to hitherto. This topic was interesting in that it extended beyond the basic nature of environmentalism and explored the nuances of the inequalities in environmental policies – once again a very relevant topic in today’s global atmosphere (LO6). Next week I will be leading a podcast on the ethics of capital punishment a topic that has interested me for a very long (LO7). For its I have spent the past weeks researching into various theories and statistics around the topic alongside my peers that will partake in the episode as well.