This year marked the first time I got the opportunity to get involved in MUN as a delegate trainer (LO2). Though the academic workload of this year was significantly more than the last, I found that taking up this experience was fruitful in many ways, enhancing not only my understanding of global value skills, which is inherent to MUN but also my leadership skills (LO2).

This experience took me back to my years as a novice MUN-er and how I looked up to my trainer s and mentees. It made me realize the impact I old have in a delegate’s MUN journey and the amount of positive impact I could have, being given the role.

I looked forward to going to the MUN training sessions seeing it as an opportunity to inspire a drive in the delegates to understand the true global value and significance of the issues at hand (LO6) but also the technical nuances of the conference procedure and how best to surmount it.