The cancellation of Project Week for the batch of 2021 was certainly a disappointment to me and my peers. However, despite the immense amount of work that went into the logistics and planning of the process, we were resilient in accepting this setback and learning from this experience, taking away the positives and how it shaped us. Here, I will be reflecting on a few of those takeaways to serve as a reminder that the work we did was not in vain, and in fact, gave us a valuable learning experience.

My group was set to travel to Gopeng, Malaysia to partake in White Water rafting. Initially, we were a bit hesitant in picking this action as none of us had had experience in this sport, but after much deliberation, we concluded that the most valuable experience would be the one from which we learned the most (LO2). A few problems we ran. into along the way involved budgeting, more specifically negotiating the price of the rafting package and accommodation with the sales director of the rafting company. Though eventually we were able to negotiate a lower price, we were still a little over our budget. From this experience, we learned valuable communication and collaboration skills using inputs from all members of the team(LO5).

For a window into our planning process check out my group’s planning notes and official trip document.