Ears of East Podcast – Grade 12 – Season 1

The ears of East podcast is a student podcast that discusses socio-political issues that range from the community to the international level. Since this activity required many students conversing with one another in a. Close space was affected by the COVID-19 restrictions. However, we were able to navigate around it by working in smaller groups and socially distancing ourselves whilst recording the podcast –  an aspect that makes editing the podcast more difficult due to the varying levels of sound and clarity from each person. I think this activity provided a hint of normalcy into the post-COVID world by reflecting the power of conversation. Often a times, there is not much we can do about issues that affect us but are out of hand.  When I talk to my peers on such issues it comforts me to know that there were like-minded individuals that were passionate enough to engage in meaningful conversations about these issues – especially in such testing times. This year, I have participated in the Ecofacism podcast – a topic that I was completely alien to hitherto. This topic was interesting in that it extended beyond the basic nature of environmentalism and explored the nuances of the inequalities in environmental policies – once again a very relevant topic in today’s global atmosphere (LO6). Next week I will be leading a podcast on the ethics of capital punishment a topic that has interested me for a very long (LO7). For its I have spent the past weeks researching into various theories and statistics around the topic alongside my peers that will partake in the episode as well.

MUN Delegate Trainer Grade 12 – Season 1

This year marked the first time I got the opportunity to get involved in MUN as a delegate trainer (LO2). Though the academic workload of this year was significantly more than the last, I found that taking up this experience was fruitful in many ways, enhancing not only my understanding of global value skills, which is inherent to MUN but also my leadership skills (LO2).

This experience took me back to my years as a novice MUN-er and how I looked up to my trainer s and mentees. It made me realize the impact I old have in a delegate’s MUN journey and the amount of positive impact I could have, being given the role.

I looked forward to going to the MUN training sessions seeing it as an opportunity to inspire a drive in the delegates to understand the true global value and significance of the issues at hand (LO6) but also the technical nuances of the conference procedure and how best to surmount it.

MUN Exec Grade 12 – Season 1

The MUN executive activity post-COVID was a very different experience filled with uncertainty but relentless dedication from the team. Before the first term, we rounded up our meetings remotely hence the need to touch base with none another was paramount I season 1 (LO5). The chief portion of our 20201 agenda comprised of preparation for our own conference, and to ensure that club members did not miss out on conference prep we also had to plan the conferences (remote) that our school would attend this year (LO3).

By building on the drawbacks of online tools that we learned from attending other conferences, we started to structure the model of our own conference and began logistical tasks such as procurement but also communicating to the required personnel and student body on the conference-specific permissions we’d need.

This experience was truly new to me and helped me developed my planning and initiative skills as well as collaboration paramountly.

Season 4 CAS – Piano – Creativity

Late 2019, I started learning how to play the piano – something that I stopped as a child and have been longing to continue ever since. I am currently at a beginner piano level, and I am happy with the progress I am making.

Most of the time I don’t find enough time to practice the instrument because of my academic commitments however, the circuit breaker turned out to be the perfect time for me to practice my skills. What motivated me however was the “20-day practice challenge” conducted by the school I learn at. Initially, I was a bit hesitant to carry forward with the challenge knowing that. I had a lot of school work. However, I proved myself wrong. For those 20 days, I made sure to perfect every piece that I did.

Along the way, I received positive comments from the people around me as well as my teacher. This motivated me greatly as the playing the Piano is one of the things I am less confident at. For the above reasons, I would fit this activity under the following learning outcome:

“LO2: Undertaken new challenges, and developing new skills”.

Here is evidence of my practice:

Season 4 CAS – Art at Home! – Creativity

Art has always been a hobby of mine, the form of the art has never mattered to me, be it digital, mixed media or mere doodling, I have always found a way to incorporate it into my life. Here is a glimpse of what I have been creating over the Circuit Breaker. Though I wouldn’t class myself as much more than an amateur artist, creating art gives me genuine passion and I felt like this would be a good platform to make an account of that. If I had to attribute a learning outcome to this activity, it would most likely be “LO1” – increased awareness of strengths and areas for growth. The reason I would attribute said learning outcome is because art is something that can never stop teaching, no matter how much you practice art, it goes beyond parameters. The true meaning of art is self-expression and finding new ways to express myself through art is what I have characterized as “increased awareness of strengths and areas for growth“:

Here is a small insight to what I have been creating:

STEM Club – Season 3

STEM sessions in season 3 primarily consisted of debate since the number of members showing was not consistent due to school events such as final examinations etc. However this doesn’t go to say that the sessions were disorganized, rather they were just more flexible. This season in STEM we adopted the initial flow of the session we started with – discussions. These discussions are very valuable and, though at the time were unaware of the lockdown that was going to be imposed, as a leader, I am happy that we finished with those discussions. The moral and scientific points of discussion brought out by the members of our club are not only insightful but also invaluable. Due to the flexible nature of this season I would characterize Season 3 of STEM and unfortunately the last season of STEM I will have participated in as LO3 Planning and Initiative. It is also unfortunate that at the last session I planned a STEM-based activity for the team but we were unable to carry out due to the numbers. Here is a link to it anyways!

My pursuits in STEM will not stop at this activity, this year in STEM club has taught me all about leadership and has also helped me learn a lot about other STEM topics.

Building the English Essay Writing Support Site

Building the English Essay Writing Support Site was a task I took on at the start of this year. The task was handed to me by my former English teacher Ms. Levy with the aim to build a site where students could receive help to improve their English Writing Skills. This task gives me a satisfactory creative outlook that allows me to not utilize the skills I have with regard to this task but also learn valuable information along the way. For this reason, I would attribute the learning outcome “LO2: Challenge” to this task. As a justification, this time around with the multimedia nature of the content, it required more effort to incorporate into the Divi builder site. Moreover, difficulties were faced in loading the pre-set layout leading to a lot of navigation to understand the mechanisms to fix this issue.

Click here for a video update on the progress I have made

– And here is a link to the previous update!



Ears of East Podcast – Season 3

Ears of East is a student-run podcast that talks about issues ranging from a community to a global scale. I joined my season because of my belief that conversation is the best way to make a difference, so far I have been involved in 3 episodes and have even headed one of these such episodes. Though I have had exposure to podcast-related activities in the past I still find that this activity has helped me develop new skills and has helped me to brush up on my old skills as well. For instance, this activity helped me revisit my Garageband editing skills and has also helped me learn things such as structuring a podcast and what sort of research needs to go into it. The first podcast I took part in was the hard-hitting issue of Menstrual Shaming that is unfortunately still prevalent in many developed and underdeveloped nations. In these ways, I feel that my experience in this season of this activity can be best described by LO2 (Challenge) and LO6 (Global Value) as learning objectives. 

MUN Executive – Season 3

Season 3 in MUN exec held quite a different dynamic from the rest of the others. During this season we largely focused on the upcoming MUN moving away from ideas and possibilities and delving into logistical planning and other organizational aspects to the conference. Though the start of the season was relatively regular with meetings regarding current logistical capabilities, and time and date of the conference, throughout the season we ran into several issues regarding timing clashes with other school event and the burning question of whether the conference would be able to run at all with the current COVID-19 pandemic that has caused all schools to shut down. The learning objective that fits my MUN Exec experience in this season most accurately is LO3 – Planning and initiating actions. This season we made it through all the obstacles in front of us to carry on with planning despite there being an overarching uncertainty on whether the conference would be running or not. Towards the end of this season, we even had online MUN Meet sessions which we used effectively to keep track of the MUN work required. Despite the lockdown imposed, we were able to facilitate communications effectively and complete most of our work on schedule and this is a huge accomplishment given the current circumstances. This season has been very productive and reflects the effort put in by the student body running the MUN exec team.

HS MUN Club – Season 2 -THIMUN


Season 2 in the MUN club primarily surrounded preparation for upcoming conferences. Owing to my participation in the THIMUN conference, season 2 of MUN chiefly consisted of research for the same. This year our school represented the delegation of New Zealand which I represented in GA-3 (SOCHUM).

I was familiar with the proceedings having previously attended a THIMUN style conference and did not find myself at discomfort with the committee and topics. However, over the course of the conference, I met several delegated of different nationalities and learned a lot during these interactions. The conference allowed me to step out of my comfort zone as I was required to speak in front of a 150-person audience.











I believe that this conference was an area for me to improve on my existing MUN skill as it was a new experience for me to halve presented my delegation in a committee of such a size. I also believe that the unfamiliar setting allowed me to take charge of the block I was in during resolution-making as I found it easier to guide people I didn’t know very well. It also encouraged me to work on constructive debate techniques as the nature of the conference allowed me to do so. The THIMUN conference was an unforgettable experience that I have learned a lot from.

MUN Exec Team – Season 2


I have been involved with MUN for the past 6 years owing to the thrilling and captivating nature of the activity. It has always given me satisfaction and continues to do so with each conference. Though I had previously taken part in conferences both as a Chair and as a delegate, I felt that taking part in the planning aspect of the conference would make my experience complete. This was the reason as to which I applied for the MUN exec team. Following an interview, I was notified that I had been selected. I was very excited by the prospect of new experiences in MUN and understanding more about the “behind the scenes” of the conference.

Much to my expectation, I was exposed to several insights into the conference planning. These included logistical matters as well as deliberation on the future four conferences. We also addressed matters regarding our school’s participation in other MUNs.
Being part of the MUN executive team improves my understanding of the dynamic of a MUN and I hope to contribute more and learn more in the upcoming season.

Humanities Magazine – Season 2


Over the course of season 2, we were meant to finalize our first articles, and then carry out the roles assigned to us at the start of the term (my role was editing). Going into the process of writing my first article, I wanted to branch out and do something new. My initial topic was analyzing how the western media portrayed Winston Churchill. However, though this was a topic that I was interested in, I was not very familiar with it, hence research was required to complete this task.

Due to the lack of time I assigned to this activity, I was unable to find a balance between my academic life and this activity as it required work beyond school hours. This resorted in me changing my topic to a research question that I was more familiar with: “Analysing Philosophies behind the Death Penalty”. I was able to complete my article and also carry out my role as an editor.

These series of events allowed me to reflect on the small decisions I can make to allow myself to achieve a better workload balance and only take up challenges when I have the bandwidth to. In addition to this, I also realized that I need to work on time management when it comes to handling extracurricular activities and academics in order to reach my fullest potential in both fields.

Sonos Singers – Season 2 – Wavelengths Concert

Throughout season 1 and 2, we had to prepare for the winter concert before the December break in the HS SONOS activity. While season 1 allowed me to work on my technical abilities and improve my singing techniques, season 2 was surrounded more on focus and dedication to the project. I was unable to actively contribute towards the activity during some sessions due to a bad throat and this left me behind schedule. In order to recompensate, I would out hours at home to familiarize myself better with the pieces to be performed.

In addition to this, I was tasked with balancing my academic life along with the extra rehearsals for which we had to stay back from school or come to school during weekends. However, the winter concert was a success and it gave me satisfaction to have taken part in an event such as this. I also came to the realization that with dedication, any pursuit is possible.

HS STEM Club Leader – Season 2

During season 2 of HS STEM, my peers and I in the leadership team decided to commence the organization of a project session. This would entail the members of the STEM club to prepare and present STEM topics of their interest on their assigned dates. In order to gauge the interest areas and types of presentations that the club was looking at, we sent out a from. Following this, we made a spreadsheet on the dates allocated for the presentations. We gave adequate time for presentation planning during the STEM sessions leading up to the presentations.

However, we often faced issues with regard to absences and incompliance to the given dates despite preparing the schedule in front of the team. This was a huge obstacle in the process as it resulted in the constant rendering of the presentation schedule. However, despite this, we were able to make a final clarification with the members following several email communications. This gave me experience in planning and allowed me to reflect on the action to be taken during an imperfect situation. To conclude, this activity allowed me to think beyond ideal situations, plan for unforeseen events and communicate adequately when planning events.


Season 1 – Culturama MC

Ever since I joined the school, Culturama has been talked about in great lengths, however, this year I was able to truly take part in it. The previous year I had tried out to be the MC in Culturama but my efforts had failed, but I was still given the opportunity to host the Culturama performances at the foyer. This year, I was successful in my attempts and worked with a team of 4 other people to host Culturama 2019. (LO4)

This was my first major public speaking opportunity since I joined this school, and it was without a doubt a one of a kind experience. The MC-ing process involved a lot of brainstorming as to what we would present and the flow of ideas in our script. We were also working in fixed time which put us on a tight schedule. We did face some pitfalls along the way, for instance, due to our participation in MUN some of use were not able to contribute as much to the script as others. But this didn’t stop it from coming to gather in the end. (LO5) After our first show, we reflected on our performance as MCs and our delivery of lines and made improvements for the shows that followed. Watching the show from backstage was also very exciting as we not only saw the end result but also the hardworking put in by all the performers.


Culturama was a unique experience that insinuated creative thinking and collaboration to its fullest while exposing us to different cultures!

Making the English Support site

This year I have been working on making the English support  website for writing help for the English department. Check out my work!

Below is a video of my progress:

Season 1 – Sonos

Sonos is a choir group that meets every Tuesday after school that works on musical pieces to perform. I had joined this activity upon recommendation of my mentor who is also a music instructor to be involved with this activity as I had failed to get into another singing group. Though I have been engaged in music activities in my past, this was the first time that I was part of a choir. The first few session were comprised of voice warm-ups; these were new and interesting to me and helped me gain interest in this activity. During the sessions that followed, we practiced 2 new musical pieces. Unfortunately, I had fallen ill since and missed a few sessions. This caused me to put in extra work towards catching-up; but I did not find this as a burden- it was in-fact engaging to revisit the pieces we did as a group on my own(LO4). An area of improvement that I have noticed is note reading; though I learn the piano, I am still new to the instrument and the music notes are in a different format. Hopefully, I can use the knowledge in both fields to my benefit (LO1).

The Sonos activity has allowed me to meet new people who helped me along the way in times of need. It has also helped me regain some of the skills I lost along the way due to my discontinued practice of western music. This was a relatively new experience for me as and I found the dynamic of how a choir worked very interesting. I hope to contribute towards more fruitful practice sessions and hopefully be recognized to take part in other musical performances in school as well.

Season 1 – STEM Club


Last year I had signed up for the STEM club activity as In was passionate about science and innovation. Each Thursday the activity would meet more lunch and have thought-provoking and engaging conversations about STEM topics and often activities that instilled creative thinking not limited to the fields of STEM (LO1). For instance, many of the topics we dealt with involved ethical and moral considerations which sparked valuable conversations (LO7). With the intention to share the great experience that I had with the activity with the rest of my peers, I signed up to be a leader last year; and through the discretion of the past leaders-  I was selected. This season, STEM has been a whirlwind of experiences, it was a new form of commitment that entailed more new responsibilities. However, some of the outcomes I took from this activity were: ameliorated public speaking skills, broadened knowledge about certain topics and the ability to convey complex concepts in a simple manner. Working with my other two team leaders allowed me to enhance my collaboration skills as we planned out the sessions for the weeks that followed. (LO5) In the next sessions, I hope to work on new session plans with my peers and conducting informative and engaging sessions. 

Season 1 – Humanities Magazine

The humanities magazine has been an interesting experience. Going into the activity I was not sure what my expectations were as I hadn’t been in a creative writing based activity prior to this. I had initially taken on this activity to complement my learning in Global Politics, the Humanities subject I have taken as a part of my IB (LO2). The commitment required by the club was to complete an article for the Humanities magazine on a topic surrounding one of the main elements (global politics, economics, business, and history). In addition to this, we were also a part of one o the core groups that put together the magazine such as design, editing or resources. I signed up to be an edition as I felt it had best suited my experience. The role of an editor entails going over articles and making sure they are ready to go into the magazine. Being a part of a magazine publishing team was very exciting! The o only previous experience I had similar to this in the past was during my World of Learning Week in FIB Last year. During this internship, I did an internship at Expat Living- a popular expat lifestyle magazine in Asia. This required me to go over several articles, update information and write a few articles! The article I wrote for the Humanities magazine was about the westernised portrayal Winston Churchill by the media that neglects the damage he has done in the East. This activity’s not only developed by collaborative skills but has also provoked many interesting conversation and thoughts during the process of editing as well as writing. 

CAS Season 1 – MUN (Creativity)

I have been involved with MUN over the past 5 years yet each year I have new experiences. Last year was the first year I joined this school and the MUN club was one of the few activities I rejoined.

MUN this season has been a truly engaging experience. Over the course of this season, I developed new debating skills as a result of the training sessions. During this season, I participated in the UWCMUN in the IMF council. This was a new experience altogether for me as prior to this I had never been a part of an Economic council. Having never taken an economics-related subject, I was truly lost as to how I would research the topics at hand. It seemed that all the other delegated had some prior exposure to economic and understood most of the terms. However, though hardworking and the help of my MUN mentors, I was able to overcome the hurdles placed before me(LO5). However, during the debate, I once again felt like the debated and arguments were alien to me. Many of the terms that the delegates used were unfamiliar to me. So, the POIs (questions asked to the speaker in MUN) that I asked were based on fundamental and key affirmations. The night following each of the debated worked on my speeches and made quite a few the next day. But, since we tackled a new topic each day I had to be on my toes with doing work the night before. (LO2, LO4)

The topics to be debated were very thought-provoking and opened up a new avenue of thoughts for me. It made me reflect on world issues in a different manner as now I also started taking into consideration the economic implications of actions and their consequences(LO6). Over the course of the MUN I was able to actively contribute to the debate, I was also one of the two honorable mentions from our committee! It had been a long time since I participated in MUN as a delegate and it was truly liberating to be speaking and debating once again and coming up with resolutions with my fellow peers! My next agenda with regards to MUN would be to hopefully get the opportunity to chair more MUNs and work on my research for THIMUN which I will be attending in January. 


CAS Initial Reflection – Creativity In The Arts

Creativity in the arts is an integral part of human life and history as it accounts for a large part of human heritage and culture. This year I have chosen the following activities in order to expand on my existing skills as well as develop new skills in terms of collaboration and performance,

Sonos – A new experience rooted in my passion for music,  (creativity in the arts)

CulturamaMC of the show  (creativity in the arts)

I hope to actively engage in these activities to the best of my potential while lifting up those around me through my contributions.

CAS Introduction Post – Creativity (making something)

Creativity has always been a driving force preceding all my thoughts and actions. This year I intend to not only develop my creative skills in the fields with which I am already familiar, but also expand my horizons to the unknown. I intend to develop these skills in not only the arts that are centered around creativity but also cross-cut on fields such as Science, Debate, and Humanities. This session, I have taken on the following activities for CAS, and will be sharing my journey for the same.

HS STEM Club – As the leader for this activity

MUN – Including participation in UWCMUN

Humanities Magazine – A new experience to develop new skills



Season 1 – Culturama MC

Ever since I joined the school, Culturama has been talked about in great lengths, however, this year I was able to truly take part in it. The previous year I had tried out to be the MC in Culturama but my efforts had failed, but I was still given the opportunity to host the Culturama performances at the foyer. This year, I was successful in my attempts and worked with a team of 4 other people to host Culturama 2019. (LO4)

This was my first major public speaking opportunity since I joined this school, and it was without a doubt a one of a kind experience. The MC-ing process involved a lot of brainstorming as to what we would present and the flow of ideas in our script. We were also working in fixed time which put us on a tight schedule. We did face some pitfalls along the way, for instance, due to our participation in MUN some of use were not able to contribute as much to the script as others. But this didn’t stop it from coming to gather in the end. (LO5) After our first show, we reflected on our performance as MCs and our delivery of lines and made improvements for the shows that followed. Watching the show from backstage was also very exciting as we not only saw the end result but also the hardworking put in by all the performers.


Culturama was a unique experience that insinuated creative thinking and collaboration to its fullest while exposing us to different cultures!

Season 1 – Soccer

Soccer has always been a sport that I was in constant touch with. Upon joining this school, I wished to try out for the soccer team. Last year my attempts were unsuccessful, but I still took part in pre-season training for the sport. This year my attempts in making the team were unsuccessful one again. This probed me to understand the shortcomings of my performance- leading to a meeting set with the coach. He explained to me the skills I lacked and offered that I train as a substitute player for the team. I accepted this offer as I truly wanted to upscale my soccer skills as I did not want to let go of this sort that easily. Though it was disappointing for me to not be part of the team again, I took it as an opportunity to rectify my mistakes (LO4). Over the course of the training, I started to understand the skills that I lacked and took it upon myself to make them better (LO1). I was also able to take part in 1 match last season which helped me stay interested in the sport and remind myself of what my goals were. The other team members were indifferent to my presence (in a positive manner) and treated me as one of the team. This was very welcoming and allowed me to focus on what was more important. I hope to maintain dedication to this effort in the seasons that follow and become a better player.

CAS Introduction Post – Action

Action is crucial to our existence, not only does action entail physical exercsion but often at times it includes the dramatic elements of the arts and is a theatrical representation of creativity. I will be undertaking the following activities to account for my action component in CAS.

Culturama – MC

Soccer – 19 B Training

I look forward to participating in the above activities and not only hope to develop my skills sets but also to work collaboratively alongside my peers and mentors

Project Week Planning Grade 11

The cancellation of Project Week for the batch of 2021 was certainly a disappointment to me and my peers. However, despite the immense amount of work that went into the logistics and planning of the process, we were resilient in accepting this setback and learning from this experience, taking away the positives and how it shaped us. Here, I will be reflecting on a few of those takeaways to serve as a reminder that the work we did was not in vain, and in fact, gave us a valuable learning experience.

My group was set to travel to Gopeng, Malaysia to partake in White Water rafting. Initially, we were a bit hesitant in picking this action as none of us had had experience in this sport, but after much deliberation, we concluded that the most valuable experience would be the one from which we learned the most (LO2). A few problems we ran. into along the way involved budgeting, more specifically negotiating the price of the rafting package and accommodation with the sales director of the rafting company. Though eventually we were able to negotiate a lower price, we were still a little over our budget. From this experience, we learned valuable communication and collaboration skills using inputs from all members of the team(LO5).

For a window into our planning process check out my group’s planning notes and official trip document. 

#Race – Grade 12 – Season 1

Due to the COVID pandemic my service, like many others, was no longer running. However, I missed the opportunity to make an impact that service had hence driving me to join “#Race” a focus group that looks into race-related issues and how best to surmount them (LO4).

Though I had always acknowledged the existence of race-related issues within and outside the school community I never quite got the opportunity to do more than that. This focus group gave me an avenue to understand the nuanced factors that culminate into large racial issues such as bias and stereotypes.

The experience of conversing with my peers about racial issues was invaluable, and one that I would strongly advocate to the people I know. It allows you to reflect on your understanding of issues that pervade our society, and though we often think we comprehend the complexity of such issues – we don’t.

DSA Service – Season 3

Though the lockdown on schools was not imposed until later, the cancellation on service and activity trips following increasing cases was made little before the start of term 3. This meant that a large amount of our work in service during this season was finding ways to engage with our service remotely and still have an impact. My service (DSA), was one of the few services that were effective in finding ways to connect with our partners remotely, we did this by planning a “Down syndrome Day” at our school in an attempt to raise awareness for the cause. This included the planning of activities across all grades and also mentor time information sessions that were tailored to be appropriate Eto each level. The primary reason we planned this activity was to counter the cancellation of the national Down syndrome day celebrations that we would have otherwise taken part in. The learning objective I find fits my service experience the best during this season would be LO3, planning, and imitating activities. Though we had planned a large number of our activities effectively and had communicated to all the relevant heads of grades, Down syndrome day was ultimately postponed due to the lockdown. But our work for the cause still goes on remotely as we are currently communicating and soon we will be able to get back to doing more impactful work.

Down syndrome Association (DSA)- Season 2 – Service

Following a season of planning, season 2 was primarily execution – apart form a few hindrances along the way. Our service sessions were planned and having visited the area a few times in the previous season, we were now familiar with the area and the people.

Though we had our sessions planned out, the important part was building a connection with the stakeholders. This was a difficult barrier to overcome for all of my peers. The primary cause was our inability to communicate with the participants of our sessions due to the linguistic barriers. However, upon approaching this issue as a team we were able to refine our solution to the issue. We resolved that since we were unable to communicate effectively on a personal level it would be more efficient to communicate as a team with the participants. This led us to co-ordinate more and form an unsaid protocol while conducting the activities.

In conclusion, some issues require broader solutions that cannot be carried out on a personal level. In situations such as this, we must revert back to our core team as collaboration can break through the barriers of a complex issue,

Service – Season 2

7th November 2019 – After weeks of sorting out resources and deliberating on the activities to be carried out, this was our first week of executing our engagement plan at the DSA (LO3). This was also the first time we met our service partners and the people who are a part of this service. The experience was truly eye-opening and impacted us all in many ways. Reflecting on our first session, I learned that people are affected by down syndrome at different levels. It was also interesting to see how different people engaged in different activities such as dance, music, and speech to different extents. The first service session has made me realize my purpose in this activity, which is to connect, understand and help them thrive through music (LO1). The first session was a good avenue for us to see where we stood in terms of connecting with our stakeholders. We learnt that we made an impact in the service through engagement-the aspect we need to work on more as it is crucial to an effective service.

Season 1 – DSA – Service

Working with the Down Syndrome Association in the DSA Music service has provided many useful insights towards my thinking of differently-abled people. The first being that they are not disabled, they are differently-abled. Our first season comprised mostly of planning and understanding the resources at hand, who we would be working with, and the commitment required to this activity. Our service group is small due to the needs of the service and my peers contribute to conversations in a thought-provoking manner with many useful insights to share (LO5). Through brainstorming and consideration of the creative contributions of everyone in the service, we were able to plan our next season of music and engagement activities for the service successfully (LO3). So far, we have laid out the scope of the activity and also understood our role in the service. This is an important step as, understanding what service is, is one of the most important aspects of service (LO7).

CAS Introduction Post – Service

We all are functioning units in society-but we are not autonomous. Our actions affect one another as well as the resources we consume and we need to take into account their repercussions. As a society, we must come together and accept our privileges and opportunities and use them to fuel the growth of our society.

The service that I have chosen is rooted in my passion for arts as well as my belief in learning more about the community I live in. I have chosen to work with the DSA (Down Syndrome Association) in the service: Hougang Down Syndrome Music Care to spread awareness about Down Syndrome and learn more about it myself.  Whether these issues directly, or indirectly affect us we mustn’t be oblivious to them and should aim to learn as much as we can about them.