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Skills that may be needed during WOL

Given the nature of the work and the premise of the company, there are certain skills that I found may be of more use than others.

ExpatLiving is an editorial that publishes magazines with recommendations on expat lifestyles. Given the plausible nature of the work, I have identified that the following skills might be useful. 

Learning how to learn will be an important skill that I might use and develop during my internship. As the work that the internship might entail will primarily be new. I must learn how to grasp instructions quickly and fluently.

Speed reading might also be a useful skill during my internship with ExpatLiving. The reason for this being if ever my work might entail going over articles or works.

Communicating ideas in a simple and precise way will be key in an office. This is because all of my co-workers will have a busy agenda and it is vital that information is transferred in the clearest and coherent manner possible.