My reading goals for english


  • Reading more books

I wasn’t able to read that many books last year. It was mainly because I didn’t like the idea of having to take notes as that took away the enjoyment from reading. This year I want to be able to read more books in general.


  • Create a schedule for book reading

Creating a schedule for book reading can help me find specific times to read a book. Because this year I am going to have more days doing activities at school, I am going to have less time at home reading books. I think that having a schedule can help me read more.


  • Find books that interest me and find enjoyable

I think one of the main reasons why I couldn’t read that many books last year was because most of the books I was reading wasn’t because I liked it but because I needed to read a book. I think that reading books that I genuinely like will help me to read more books.



A reflection about my reading right now

As of now, I have finished reading one book for our group reading. The book that I have finished reading was “Animal Farm” by George Orwell. I read this book at a good pace. I kept up with my group and was able to talk about simple conversations about the book with them. We still have not filmed the video yet but we are planning to do it in the next few days. I have also started reading Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury.

I think that I have been able to keep up with my reading goals from the start of the year and I want to keep up with it. I think that though I can be reading more often, I feel that I have been doing a good job.


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