Personal Poetry Reflection

What is your relationship with poetry?

  • I don’t think that I have that much of a connection to poetry. Though I may not have a deep connection to poetry, I listen to songs every day so that is where I connect with poetry.  I don’t particularly hate or love poetry at this point. Hopefully, I can deepen my relationship with poetry in this unit.

How is your understanding of poetry affected by your understanding of the way the poem is written?

  • I think that when we think about the way poetry is written, it helps us understand the poem better. For example, if a poet is using repetition, we know that the poet is trying to emphasize the word or the phrase they are repeating. It can also help us because it can be an example and we can learn from it, or take inspiration from the poem to help apply the techniques to our own poems.

What are you struggling with and what are your learning goals with the poetry unit?

  • I think that I will struggle with trying to write poetry. I find it a bit hard to write poetry and try to reflect my ideas on paper. So writing will be a challenge for me in this unit. I also think that trying to decipher and trying to make meaning from a poem might be hard, especially when the poem doesn’t use direct ways of explaining the meaning. Instead, they might use some figurative language. These are examples of when I might find it challenging in the poetry unit and at the same time, some parts that I want to improve in this unit.

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