Writer’s Fortnight

In English, we are exploring the idea of the impact and how telling stories are important. 

In our discussion, we talked about how stories have the ability to change how people think. The news is a form of telling stories. For example, when reading the news on a topic, we could initially have a certain perspective or thought about the event in the news, but after reading it you could come out with more knowledge of the event, helping us make better more informed thoughts. This could mean that we end up with a different thought about the event. 

There are many things that make a story worth telling. Things such as the impact the story could cause. For example, Greta Thunberg spreading her views on climate change has impacted many people to take action against the issue. When her story is spread around, this can cause a massive impact, even from people just reading the news article and not the actual speech. This is an example of a story that is worth telling. 

Another thing that makes a story worth telling is its relevancy. Going back to Greta’s example, the climate crisis is something that people are interested in right now and is very relevant. This means that more people are going to be invested in it and as a result, being a very important story to be telling at the moment.

Journalists are extremely important in telling a story. The job of a journalist is to truthfully report back on something that is happening. If the journalist doesn’t properly do their job, this could mean that people are getting inaccurate information or information that is intended to change people’s view that could somehow benefit the journalist or the news outlet the journalist is from. Another reason why they are important is that people trust them. People trust journalists on telling stories that cover the whole story and something that doesn’t have any bias. Readers will often trust established news outlets. Because they have a huge impact on what society thinks on a certain topic, if a journalist makes a mistake or spreads misinformation it could lead to a serious situation.

UWC’s perspective articles often talk about the diversity and the healthy environment we have here in UWC. This is because the articles are meant to promote the school, not add unnecessary information that could make people have a bad impression of the school. The school article can be biased, but this is because the school made this article to help show how good this school is, not to demote it. The articles also often talk about the school’s values and beliefs. This is to show the readers what UWC cares about and what is important in this school. This also shows people who may be signing up for the school, what to expect and also what the school expects of them to understand.

I hope from Writer’s Fortnight, I can learn to write like a good journalist. A journalist that can share the news with honesty and that has the power to impact whomever that may be reading the article. At the same time, the article should be informative. It should help people gain knowledge from the article. On the other hand, it should be fun and interesting to read, it shouldn’t be boring. It should be somewhat exciting and engaging to the reader.

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