NYAA Febuary

This month I had a solid number of hours logged in for football. It was a pretty good month.

I also started working on my core and upper body when working out, as I only used to do cardio when I was at the gym.

Service this month. I decided to join the service Boomerang Bags. Though I have only attended one session as of now, I’m excited to see how much I can learn and contribute to the service.

Finally, I had a Dance Showcase performance at the end of the month. I had been practising with the team since last November and I was happy that I was able to finally show perform in front of a real audience. Dancing was out of my comfort zone and I had only done it because a few of my friends pushed me to join dance. At first, I was hesitant and didn’t understand much during the practice sessions but when I look back now, I really enjoyed the experience and I hope to continue with this next year as well.

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