How is love portrayed in the play?

Love plays an important role in the movie. We will focus on the beginning of the movie to see how the theme “love” is portrayed in the play.

Even from the prologue, the news presenter is mentioning Romeo and Juliet as star-crossed lovers and continues to mention their love for each other multiple times in the news scene. What we can see from this is despite both of their families being in a feud, they still continued to love each other no matter what. This shows a lot of aspect of love and what we expect to see in the film. We can see from this that both their families are having a long feud and being in love with each other is not a practical thing to do. Especially when both their parents are against it. What we can see from this is the amount of love they truly have for each other to go against their own families values and the norms of the family, just so they can be with someone they love. I think that another important thing is that they both chose to love something more than the other. They chose to love each other more than their families which they have been with for a long time.  So the concept of choosing one type of love over another is an interesting one.

In the scene after that where the Capulets and Montagues are fighting each other at the gas station, there is not that much of a mention on love. But I think that there are still aspects of it. Both the Montagues and Capulets have a sense of pride and to do that they have to love their families. This is why they are fighting all the time because they have a sense of pride and don’t want to lose to the opposing family. So it may not be an explicit reference such as the love between Romeo and Juliet, but because there are so many types of love, this could fall under the love or showing pride to their families.

Just from the starting scene, we can see the theme of love being played in different situations and with different people. It also shows us that there is not just one type of love, but there are actually many different types of love that we actually experience and how they all affect us differently.

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