Personal Statement

Writing has never been a strong skill of mine. I’ve never liked writing. Writing feels like a long and boring task of just, well, “writing”. Maybe it’s just my lack of vocabulary but I feel like I can never fully express myself just from a piece of writing. So I don’t know if I can fully express myself on this piece, but I’ll try my best.

I’m Issei. I’m fifteen years old and I’ve been living in Singapore my whole life even though I am Japanese. I like to play sports, mainly football. I also have a hobby that’s DJing. I used to do piano when I was younger. A tutor came to teach me every week. But it would never work out since I kept on falling asleep during the classes. Then I did a bit of violin but that didn’t work out either. So for a few years, I never played any musical instruments but now I DJ. I would like to think of myself as someone who is creative or like creative outlook on things. I think that creativity has shaped me a lot. I take DT which is a subject that requires me to think creatively to find a solution to a problem. But I don’t just like DT because of the freedom of being able to design and create what I like, but also the process of it. The process of making things. I also like fashion. The creativity (and the lack of it sometimes) that can be seen in the fashion world amazes me. The intricate details that are required to make a garment also amazes me. I think this also connects to another thing that fascinates me, watches. The details that are put into every watch surprises me. I think from people’s hobbies, you can tell a lot about them. I think this also connects back to my own culture. Japanese people tend to be very particular. They want to get everything right and concentrate a lot on the small details even if it may not matter, even if it may be hidden. I think being Japanese has also been a reason to why I chose to follow those hobbies and it also reflects me as a person as well. 

Right now, I don’t have any specific future aspirations. Part of me wants to be a professional DJ and see what it’s like to be liked by many people. Part of me wants to be a furniture designer, to be able to speak to people with the things that I design. But for the most part, I don’t have a specific dream. I don’t have a clear path of what I want to be when I grow up. I have imaginations, but not a specific career that I’m aiming toward. Part of me knows that it’s better to have a specific goal and work towards that goal, but part of me also wants to just relax and see where life takes me, living in the moment and not thinking too much ahead of the future. But I know that I want to be someone that’s able to leave an impact. Maybe it may be a small one, but I want to leave some sort of an impact.

It’s weird that I would think that way. I’m mostly someone that likes to set specific goals and work towards it. I would set myself a todo list and work to cross out everything by the end of the day. I also know that I’m not the most organised person when it comes to time. I usually do many things at the last minute. For example, I’ve only started writing this the day before it was due. I think that though I have many core values that I follow, I’m always conflicting inside of me. I would want to do one thing, but also want to do something that is the complete opposite at the same time. This may be the reason why I may not have a specific goal yet. But hopefully, I can find it and work towards it. 

In the end, I think that it’s ok to not have specific dreams that I want to follow yet. But what I know is that maybe one day I can find something that I can work towards. I can find this from trying out new things and stepping out of my comfort zone. Like how I never thought that dancing would be for me, but after trying it finding out that it can be fun. 

I know that right now I may not have specific dreams of what I want to be, or even what university I want to get into. But I know that when the day comes, I’ll work hard and work towards it to make my dream a reality. 

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