I wasn’t able to get exercise that much this month. I think that it was mostly due to lack of motivation. I think that I would be able to solve this by setting myself a goal or a calendar for myself as I’m more of a goal-oriented person. I also think that doing so will make me feel accountable for if I don’t exercise. But I also feel that exercise should generally be something that I do because I want to do it, not because something or someone is making me do it. but I think that it would still be a good idea to try it out for next month. The gyms in my condo also opened this month so I can be more motivated to exercise.

I also didn’t do much service this month as well as it the year was coming to the end. We just had a quick wrap-up session and that was it. I think that service this year has been a good experience. I was able to meet new people and learn new skills such as sewing. I also think that I like helping out a service directly more than doing research about the service. I feel that I’m doing more when I’m doing hands-on work.

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