Oedipus’ Diary

This famine has to stop now. This famine that has been harming everyone in Thebes. I as the king have to find the root of this famine and put an end to this. I am hoping that Creon can get me the solution to this famine from Apollo.

I thank Creon so much for finding out what is causing this famine, a murderer who killed the previous king of Thebes, Laius. Whoever this is that has killed Laius should feel ashamed of themselves. They should not deserve to be fed, have a roof over their head and should be executed in the same gruesome way that Laius was killed. They should be punished in the worst way possible for committing such a revolting act.

I ask the people of Thebes of who the murderer of Laius is. But none of them knows. None of them except for a single man who fled from the scene, while Laius was being killed. I must find him and get as much evidence from him as I can, to avenge Laius, to save the people of Thebes from this Famine.

I also had a blind man of the name of Tiresias help me find the murderer of Laius. Tiresias kept on avoiding to answer my question of who killed Laius, but when he did, he claimed that I was the murderer. That I was the one who killed Laius and brought the famine to the people of Thebes. Only a traitor trying to take my crown would say something so disgraceful, something so ridiculous. But I will continue my search to find the man who killed Laius and brining this Famine upon Thebes.

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