What are some of the key takeaways you have since beginning to study the play?

What are some of the key takeaways you have since beginning to study the play?

I think that I have learned some key takeaways since studying the play. Before the play, I didn’t know anything about Oedipus or Greek theatre. All I knew was that they believed heavily in gods and they usually played an important role in many Greek Theatres. But now after reading and researching a bit more about Oedipus, I have learned new things about the play.

Greek Theatre: Oedipus the King is a Greek play written by Sophocles. We researched about the importance of Greek theatre and the impact that it has and it’s relevance even now. Greek theatre is played on a flat stage with the audience looking down and around, into the stage. The stage that Greek theatre is played on is still replicated in man modern day theatres to this day.

Greek tragedy: Tragedy plays an important part in Greek plays. Almost all Greek tragedies involve someone dying and includes death as an important element in the play. Romeo and Juliet follows a very similar structure as a Greek tragedy. Greek tragedies also don’t frame the character who suffers in the end as a bad person. Instead, they frame them as a good person, someone who is relatable, but does something wrong which leads to their downfall. This can be very evidently seen in Romeo and Juliet. Romeo was never framed as a bad character. He was a likeable character that did good things. But small mistakes such as the family’s feuds and not being able to receive the mail on time eventually lead to tragedy in Romeo and Juliet.

Relevence to modern era: Greek plays and the concept still stays extremely relevant in this day and age. The concept of tragedy still excites people. This can also connect to the curiosity of people, and how many people are very intrigued by uncommon stories. This can still be very prevelantly seen in the modern age. Many movies and books also structure themselves around the concept of Greek tragedy, further consolidating its importance now.


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