Culturama Comittee (final Reflection)

Working on Culturama has been an extremly rewarding experience. Because our work is shown on a big stage and to many people, I feel that it is contributing to a bigger cause, which feels more meaningful.

Planning was an extremely important thing that I had to do in this experience. Because duedates kept on changing, it was important that we were able to be flexible and adapt to it. Because my role was to compose 2, 3 minute tracks using notable songs from previous Culturama, it required a lot of planning ahead and time. This also required communication in person and on a document (linked below) with my partner so that we were both on track with our work, and that the quality was good. Both my partner and I were able to work well and on time, and this was thanks to the document we created and the weekly meetings we had to plan ahead.

Group document

Being able to DJ definitely came into good use. Because of my experience, I understood that songs with similar BPM and key sound well together. I also understood the energy levels and structure of the songs which helped me understand and have an idea of the order in which the songs should be in. Using my strengths, I created a document with all the analysed songs which was helpful in later stages of the composition of the final track. Though I did have experience in mixing music, it was challenging to mix different genres and languages. However by doing so, this helped me grow better as a DJ and appreciate music from other cultures.

Culturama songs analysed document

Culturama was an experience that was challenging, but also extremely rewarding. I also made a good friendship with my partner from this experience. I would like to contribute to Culturama again next year.


This is the final product that was used in the Culturama show.

Culturama beginning track


Culturama credits track


LO3-Demonstrate how to initiate and plan a CAS experience.

LO1 – Identify their own strengths and develop areas for growth.

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