Football U19A (final reflection)

For this season, I was able to attend every single training session, except for 1 session at the end because of an ankle injury. Apart from that, I attended every session and showed commitment towards the activity. Adding onto that, I also continued with my football activity outside of school, which further shows my commitment towards football as a sport.

I think that especially this year, I was able to communicate and collaborate well with other teammates. Even without matches we had good team spirit and could work well as a team.

This season of football we used tracking chips during training sessions which gave us quantitative data on our training session and areas of strength and weaknesses. In my initial reflection I identified that my strength was that my defending was a strength, and that communication was a weakness. I also mentioned that I needed to work on my shooting. I believe that I was able to keep up the good work with my defending. I also think that I was able to improve on communication a lot this year. Talking to teammates on and off the pitch was something that I did more frequently than in other years. I also worked on my shooting by practising with teammates outside of training. Doing so gave me the confidence to take more shots during training. Another thing that became a lot better was because of the use of the tracking chips were how frequently I used my right or left foot. At first, my leg usage was at about 17/83, but as I became more conscious of this, I used by left foot more often. In the end, my leg usage was around 34/66 which was better.

Data from earlier training sessions

Data from later training sessions

Football has been an activity I have participated in every year and this year has been an enjoyable year, though games against other schools would have made it better. I think that the implementation of technology in out training session is extremely useful and can help develop us into better players. Though the football season in school has ended, I will continue to train outside of school.

LO4-Show commitment and perseverance in CAS experiences.

LO5-Demonstrate the skills and recognise the benefits of working collaboratively.

LO1-Identify their own strengths and develop areas for growth.

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