In what ways does Hamid communicate Changez’s feelings as he begins work in Underwood Samson?

In what ways does Hamid communicate Changez’s feelings as he begins work in Underwood Samson? Look at the financial, social and aspirational aspects of his job.

A shift we can see in Changez’s feelings as he works for Underwood Samson in the pride he has about working for Underwood Samson. An example of this can be seen through when he talks to the man about New York and Underwood Samson. As he starts to talk about New York (where Underwood Samson is located), his voice unconsciously rises “What? Is my voice rising?” then he apologizes “I tend to become sentimental when I think of that city.”, bragging and showing his and love towards Underwood Samson. He later explicitly states his love for Underwood Samson “wrapped up in my excitement about Underwood Samson”.

Even while he was in New York, he says that he wishes he “could show my parents and my brother!”, taking pride in working for Underwood Samson. Changez “marching into a conference room” also implicitly shows the confidence and pride he feels after being accepted into Underwood Samson.

Another shift we can see is through the use of his credit card and the newfound wealth he has, now that he is working for Underwood Samson. Unlike in the morning, where he accepted a free meal from the worker in the Pak-Punjab Deli, he is enthusiastic about paying for his meal and showing off his new American Express card. He describes the process of taking the card of out his wallet as “unsheathing” and bragging that he has an expense account. This is a big difference from before he was accepted into Underwood Samson. At the interview for the job, he was reluctant to talk about his financial state, and only talked about information that was relevant to the job, never about something that could reveal his financial state. This shift from being extremely secretive about wealth, to openly flaunting his credit card shows the change in mindset Changez has had after being accepted into Underwood Samson.

This could also serve as a commentary on the materialistic nature of the United States. When you are accepted into a job or a position that grants you immense wealth, individuals feel inclined to show off their wealth and their lifestyle to others. Though self-confidence and self-esteem are important traits, Changez displays his affection towards Underwood Samson, very loudly, almost obnoxiously.



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