To what extent has my genetics impacted my identity

I believe that genetics play apart in my identity, as I do identify  as a girl, which is of course my gender assigned at birth which was a results of my genetics. However I believe that personally nurture plays a greater part in my identity then nature. I believe this because throughout my life I personally have gone through many different phases, which has been a result of my surroundings and peers. For example when I was younger, I had many interest that were not stereotypical girly things, I also liked to dress more androgynous, I believe this was a result of many of my tv show and books I read at time, also the fact my parents never forced the typical girly stereotypes on me. However later in my life and till current , I moved more towards girly stereotypes such as taking interest in fashion and with that the typical clothes girls wear and make up, this is again was because of my surroundings and who I looked up to at the time.

Is Culture the Ultimate Goal In order for a Country to Develop ?


Today in humanities we watched Hans Rosling’s New Insight on Poverty Ted talk. Hans Roslings final point was that a strong, rich culture is the ultimate goal in order for a country to be strongly developed.  Personally I believe in Roslings point as a societies culture even if it is mixed with multiple different cultures,  is what shapes how the citizens interact, work etc. Thus meaning without a strong,supporting and happy culture the citizens in that society are held back thus being unable to progress and develop.  Adding on I believe that any country in the world is able and will achieve their goals. I think this because countries are always striving to develop in many different aspects in order to create a harmonious society as this simply makes  life much easier for everyone. However of course they will face obstacles such as economic, governance , geographical. These are all obstacles as they can hinder their progression and example being African countries. Africa because of its geographical and economic conditions, countries are struggling to develop at the same rate and as much as others, however if you take in to consideration where they were 50 years ago in proportion they have developed a lot.

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