Awareness of strengths and room for growth in My Service

A key strength that I believe I can bring to my service is the fact that I am confident with entertaining and educating younger children. This is because I have grown up with many younger relatives that I have been charged with looking after. Additionally, this is a job that I am not only confident in but also enjoy, thus I can bring excitement and a good mind set to the service group. Furthermore I believe an additional strength that I have is the fact that I enjoy being creative, in particular I enjoy drama, which is a main concept we are trying to incorporate into our service. I think this will be a good strength for my service because it allows me to contribute ideas that we could do, especially drama games that will grow the kids confidence, which is key because confidence in not only important in drama but also important concept and area to develop in children as it allows for them to build social skills outside their normal social situations. An area I believe we have room to grow in our service, is our own confidence in teaching skills. Being young ourselves many of us have not had many opportunities to take 15 children under our control, therefore, I believe we need to interview and investigate successful teaching skills that will help us with this challenge.

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