Learning outcome 1 : Touch Pre season

What previous experience have I had with an activity like this?

I have been doing touch rugby for quite a while now, I started in grade 7 and have continued to play since. I found that over the years my love and enjoyment of the sport has grown tremendously, as I originally started doing the sport just because my friend had told me to try out however my interest for the sparked and now I throughly enjoy the sport and challenges that come with it. In particular

● What am I good at? What are my strengths?

I personally believe one of  practical strength for touch include my ability to run fast and catch hard balls. However I do believe that my biggest strength that I am bringing into this (pre) season is I believe I am very good at communicating, which is a key strength particularly in the position I play (wing) as since I have one of the less tiring positions, it really helps my teammates if I communicate and guide and help them, especially during defense on the 5 metre line, as it is at this time where in my position I am able to have the better vantage point that my peers who are in the middle positions, therefore I can act somewhat like an additionally eye to them.

● What would I like to improve?

I think a key aspect that I would like to improve is that when I get tired my ability to preserver drastically decreases which impacts how I play as I am less motivated to run and catch balls. I really want to improve this before Touch season starts as I think this a key issue that I need to improve as it not only effects my playing skills but also impacts the teams as a whole, as touch is very much a team sport which relies on the motivation, encouragement and spirit of the members both on and off the pitch. I believe I can improve this through fitness drills which I will ask my coach to provide and complete during weekends.

● Have I improved and in what areas? How do I know?

Overall, I think I have definitely improved over this season as I feel much confident in my touch skills such as knowing the plays, catching majority of the balls, diving etc. I think this because now not only do I feel confident in my skills as I winger but I am now developing skills to help me move into a more difficult and skill based position, link. I look forward to taking these skills  which ive learnt in this pre season into the touch season and I am eager to learn and develop my skills even more.


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