Investigation : Project week (LO5 and LO3)

In terms of investigating our expectations, wants and needs from our Project week experience my group identified areas in which we wanted to grow, we explicitly told each other our interests, skills and talents that we wanted to harness for this amazing opportunity. As all of the group is like minded individuals, having backgrounds in fairly similar interests for example  in particular sports and animals, we identified that on our project week we wanted to mainly focus on Action and Service. As with this we would be able to exploit our talents, that being sporting activities, but also use our interests to benefit the community in an animal sanctuary, allowing us to address sustainable development goal 15, life on land. Therefore we established after extensive research that places such as Thailand, Nepal, Cambodia would be great places to go. In addition to this we also made clear activities that we personally believes wouldn’t suit our skill sets and weren’t interested in doing during project week. We all made compromises and exceptions to agree on certain sporting activities that we wouldn’t want to do during project week.  Of course however we wanted to make sure that this week as a result of it being an amazing opportunity that we took full advantage and didn’t just do activities that we have done before and comfortable with therefore we started to researched providers that offered activities that we had never done before.

However, as our initial proposal was denied and at that point there was limited countries, providers and services left we decided on taking a different approach and tackled something different. Us as a group were very sporty individuals however most of us had trouble with creativity therefore we decided that we would step out of our comfort zone and focus on creativity and service during our project week. This allowed us to have much more freedom in addressing our interests as there was not as many restrictions on creativity providers than there was with action providers therefore we were able to do numerous different creative activities. However, we then needed to find  a new service that once again fulfilled our interests and skill sets so that we could be of use to the service we chose. We decided on EpicArts as it was an organisation that many of our members had a personal connection as we had worked with them before, and in addition when asking EpicArts what they wanted us to help them with, they responded saying they would appreciate our help in taking advantage of our knowledge in sports and biology, as this was a skill set that 3/4 of the members in our group had.

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