About Me Page

Sean Toms

Australia -10 NiB-
Activities and services I am a part of
  • Circus with the local community 
  • ReCycle 
  • Basketball (U16A)
  • Volleyball (Preseason)
  • Cross Country (SEASAC)
  • Track and Field 
  • Ultimate Frisbee
Which Harry Potter House do you belong to?
  • I took the survey and found that I am in Gryffindor and it says “Your personality shows a high degree of courage and friendliness, which are valued among members of Gryffindor House.”

What is your temperament?
  • I am “Responder, an adaptable problem-solver who lives life with spontaneity and a flexible”

2-3 people who you consider to be ‘heroes’ and explain how they have inspired you

1)  Steve Irwin  helped protect and raise awareness for Australia’s endangered species

2) Sam Hill, Has really pushed the sport of mountain biking and brought it to a wider audience

What is your ‘creative type’?

“Full of big ideas, ability to see potential and possibility everywhere”