Dear Future Me

Dear Priya,

You have successfully completed IB. Today is my first official day of being an “IB student”. As scary as it is I am quite excited for what the next two years holds for me. I hope that IB hasn’t been too rough on you as everyone says it is going to be. However, I do hope that even the challenges we did face, we made it through with a smile on our face at the end . What usually happens when you enter IB is you are overloaded by the amount of work and effort you have to put in to be at the top. Knowing me, I won’t be completely satisfied unless I know the results I am getting are reflective of the work I think I put in.

During these two years, the last two years of high school and general school, I want to be sure that I make full use of the opportunities and resources available at this school. UWC is known for the unlimited directions that we have the opportunity to take at any given point in time. I do not believe I will feel right graduating unless I have achieved the title of “a true UWC student”. A student who steps out of their comfort zone, a student who does not give up if things get tough and a student who makes a change wherever they go, no matter how big or small. A change so significant that when they look back they have a sense of accomplishment and not a feeling of regret. 


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