Name & Identity

What kind of identity does your name give you ?

My name is Priyadarshini Venkatesh, and its pretty obvious that its a very long name, having a long name often makes it difficult when introducing yourself. For me, when I introduce myself I always say my name is “Priya” however, when I go to India and I say that exact thing my family members get very upset that I am not saying my actual full name. My name is also a very “complicated” name therefore making it hard for a lot of people to pronounce and as I was growing up I would always have to correct whoever said my name which made it quite irritating for me to have this exact name. I would often ask my parents if I could change my name because I was so tired of correcting everyone who couldn’t pronounce my name but, now as I am older I am very proud and happy with the name I have because its unique and its special, and people often remember me because of how long my name is. It gives me a special identity because, when I go to India it is very normal to have my name but when I am anywhere else it is viewed as a very unique name.

I have many nicknames, including the shortenings of my name such as Priya or Pri but, my parents call me by many other names that I would probably feel very uncomfortable if anybody else called me by those nicknames. I suppose that is because my parents call me those names because I am their baby so they will always think of me as little and so those names are often associated with a baby. Therefore, if one of my friends called me those names I would feel quite awkward as it would give me the sense of belittlement.

How would you feel is someone else used the “in” words that your peer group uses ?

I wouldn’t be that offended or annoyed because usually the terms and “in” words my group uses are generic pop culture words. However, I do know that at times if there is a word that I use a lot and my friends started using it I would be quite happy because I would feel like I have had a strong influence on them. I don’t think i would ever be offended if somebody used the same language as me or same terminology. I do know of many who don’t appreciate others “stealing” their “in words” but, in my opinion you should be proud of other people catching on to the way you speak/communicate. ┬áIt could be that you are their role model and that is something one should own.


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