Boxing and Muay Thai

In an effort to increase my self defence skills and fitness levels, I joined Boxing and Muay Thai. Much to my surprise the sessions have been very productive and I already feel as though I have learnt a lot. Of course, I am not at the level at which I can defend myself extremely well but, if I continue at this level of productivity I can get to the point where I am confident.

It has been quite tough and often I feel as though it is too much and I often feel like giving up however, in my head I know I must continue and I shouldn’t let the difficulty get to me and I should persevere. I also know in my head that working at it is what will get me to my desired fitness level, and working hard is what will help me get more confident. If I give up when I start feeling as though it is difficult it will not help me in any way, and I might as well not go.

I hope that through countless sessions and perseverance I will achieve my goal of staying fit and active whilst still focusing on my education and also balancing that with my service participation and creative outlets. I look forward to seeing the person I am after the year of boxing and muay thai.

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