My Progress in Boxing….

Boxing/Muay Thai happens every Friday from 3- 4:30pm, we usually start off with a warm up, either running, or a warm up in place that the instructors give us. After that we go into technique, we figure out how to properly do certain moves without injuring ourselves. Once our instructor feels as though we have got the technique down and our muscles are all warmed up we go down to the stairs. During our stairs routine we have to run up the stairs do a circuit of moves and then run back down. If we are not doing the stairs routine we will go down to the large area in the basement and do circuits with our partners, often these circuits are given to us by our instructor however, these past 2 weeks the instructors have handed it over to us and asked us to create the circuits ourselves.

I have now completed almost half a year of boxing and I could not be prouder of myself. I can feel myself getting stronger and better at the boxing technique. The best part about boxing is once you are done you feel satisfied, you feel as though you’ve worked every muscle in your body. As a first timer to boxing there were many instances where it got too hard and I felt like quitting the activity, there are times when you just cant do anymore and you’re weak. However, these instances are what show you that you are getting stronger, these are the indications that you are working and that you are not lazing around.

Whenever I feel like quitting I tend to think of the feeling I will have once the session is over, it motivates me to continue and not give up.  I would like to continue boxing as it not only makes me feel fit, and makes me fit in itself but, it is also fun and engaging to learn the new moves and learn the techniques. Boxing is a useful tool when it comes to self defence, and it is always useful to know a few moves to defend yourselves in a time of need.

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