The end of Culturama

Unfortunately Culturama has come to a close, after hours and hours of practicing and perfecting each move we as a group finally performed in front of the much anticipated 300 people. Going through the experience of Culturama made a more sociable person overall, I not only made new and closer friendships with those who are in my grade but, I also managed to close knit friendships with those in the grades above and below me.

Originally, I was afraid my stage fright would get the better of me and performing in front of a large number of people would cause me to forget the steps. However, what I found was that I am actually quite good at dealing with performing infront of a large group of people, I managed to remember all the steps from both my dances and I successfully did both dances.

During dress rehearsals I figured out another obstacle I had to overcome, this was changing in between dances. I was in the USA dance as well as the India dance, this meant I had to change in between, however, the most difficult thing was that there was only one 3 minute dance in the middle of both the dances I was in. Which in essence meant I had little over 3 minutes to change out of my India costume and into my USA costume. In one of the runs I was not able to change in time and get across to the other end of the stage to enter and this resulted in me not performing during that run. Due to that debacle the entire show day was an extremely stressful time.

After finishing this years Culturama, it has made me even more excited to take part in next years. Luckily I gained a skill during this time, I was able to smartly deduce what to wear first and where to put my costumes to ensure I get changed before the dance begins. This years Culturama introduced new difficulties and weaknesses on my part but, after completing Culturama I feel as though I have acquired new skills and if in the future I am to do something of this sort again I will be prepared and the overall stress I will face will be less

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